Chevinal (Plus)

Chevinal (Plus)

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A syrup based vitamin, mineral and amino acid supplement.



  • Palatable multi-nutrient supplement in a convenient syrup form
  • Amino acids to aid in muscle recovery and re-building of condition
  • B vitamins for protein metabolism and energy utilisation
  • Biotin and Zinc to support healthy hoof horn growth and skin condition



  • Can be easily used to boost an existing balanced diet or to top up requirements
  • Key for horses where appetite can be affected
  • Chevinal can be used to balance out a diet of forage or concentrates as necessary



All horses: especially performance horses and horses recovering from illness

Directions For Use

To be mixed daily with feed*

Bodyweight Workload Dose per day 
450 - 600kg Hard work/ Mare in foal 60ml
300 - 450kg Hard work/ Mare in foal 60ml
450 - 600kg Rest or light work 30ml
300 - 450kg Rest or light work 30ml